From one beginner to another

Another really useful resource (golden nugget)

Things have been really slow, probably due to my health. It’s been a really slow recovery, as you can see from my Blog updates. But I feel like it’s slowly coming back.
I’m getting into Terragen, which is a 3D terrain generator. I used Vue originally, but in my opinion Terragen is the one for me. It was thanks to Paul at 3D Art LIVE, who introduced me to this awesome application by running a couple of webinars.
I’m still learning ZBrush and have discovered 3D Art LIVE, which is a golden nugget. They organise webinars for anyone interested in learning 3D. They cover more than one application and professional artists within the industry are invited to share their workflows, as well as other really useful information. The webinars are so affordable it’s a must.