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I thought I’d share my views on a couple of books I recently read.

Over Christmas 2010 I came to a decision that ‘Driven Rage’ was going on hold. I needed to get started on my next project. So I began writing my novel: ‘Inner World’. before beginning the long journey I needed a little inspiration, so I went searching for some books that may be able to provide me with some advice:

on_writing-Stephen_King your_writing_coach-Jurgen_Wolff

‘On Writing’ by Stephen King:
I read this book directly after reading ‘Your Writing Coach’ by Jurgen Wolff and in contradiction to a couple of reviews on Amazon I benefited from reading both. In no way did I find the contents of both books provided the same advise.
‘Your Writing Coach’ was more of a technical walk through the writing process and provided great advice. I will continue to use it for essential reference.

‘On Writing’ on the other hand was a snippet on the life of Stephen King by the man himself. However along the way he provides essential tips on how to and how not to write. The masters advice is sometimes quite forceful and occasionally I found myself disagreeing with a few don’ts. But at the end of the day when you consider how many books Stephen King has sold it makes you wonder.
I suppose you just follow your own instincts and perhaps create your own style, which people will either want to read or not. The thing is Stephen King also covers the knock backs and the successes.


I also decided to take a closer look at the new features in ZBruh 4. The only book available at the time was ‘Introducing ZBrush 4’ by Eric Keller.
After reading reviews on Amazon, which there were only two I was put off. Let’s just say the reviews weren’t very kind. I eventually decided to try the Kindle version on my ipad by using the Kindle App.
I was pleasantly surprised with the Kindle App and the ease of purchasing and downloading from Amazon.

I’m not even half way through the book, which so far has covered most of the stuff I all ready picked up after using ZBrush 3. However, so far I am really impressed with this book. The writer has a really pleasant and intuitive style of explaining the many elements within ZBrush.
I’m still reading the book, which says a lot, because normally if I’m not getting anything out of the book I would have put it away by now.

RapidWeaver Upgrade to version 5


I had mixed feelings about the released upgrade to RapidWeaver 5. I was a little tentative as to whether I could open my project (this website), which was created in RapidWeaver 4.3.
when you open your 4.3 saved version in 5 a message appears warning that after you safe your work it can’t be opened in a previous version. This was a worrying message, so as a precaution I went and copied all my previous work before publishing my website from version 5.

I finally plucked up the courage last night and hit the publish button. All was well and my website still functions fine.

The new RapidWeaver 5 app is available on the App store at a reasonable price, however I opted for the conventional upgrade from I’m just not sure how the App store deals with updates. I have a feeling the App store technology is much more clever than I take for granted.

My first impressions of RapidWeaver 5 were good. There is a change to the interface, which doesn’t take long to get used to and there are some subtle changes to colour and structure. I especially like the introduction of ‘Resources’ and ‘Stats’ on the left panel.

Overall I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into RW5 and producing some decent websites.

I let my Blog down

OK, I’ve really let myself down by not taking care of my blog since before Christmas. I blame it on a mixture of things:
Lack of time
Starting a new Novel - “Inner World”.

There’s no real excuse though and it all goes back to inspiration.
I decided over Christmas to put “Driven Range” on the back burner and start on my Novel. The main reason for this was due to the developer of “SceneWriter Pro” losing all his hard work in preparation for the release of “SceneWriter Pro 5”. I can’t imagine a worse time for your HD to fry.
I was so looking forward to continuing ‘Driven Rage’ in the newly developed SWP 5. As it happened the SWP developer did me a big favour. You see there comes a time where you need to put a work down and come back to it later if development dries up. So this gave me the opportunity to start on a new project, which I decided to produce using Pages on my iPad. ‘inner World’ is my latest venture, which is going really well.
I would like to mention at this point, that I did take a look at other screenwriting apps from Celtx and Scrivener to Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter, but I couldn’t find any other that gave me the satisfaction SWP provided.

The other day I thought I’d take a look at ‘SceneWriter Pro’ to see if it had been updated, it hadn’t. For some reason I decided to have a quick look at the SWP website. Low and behold I spotted a link for a new app by the same developer.
It turns out that the developer of ‘SceneWriter Pro’ has re-written his beloved app and given it a new name:

This is pure inspiration. At last, my perfect screenwriting app that I can print and export from. For me ‘Movie Draft’ has a simple and comfortable interface yet powerful. Most importantly it gives me the option to build my screenplay scene by scene. There are also some really exciting features on the horizon and I believe this app will become a scriptwriters tool to recon with.


‘Movie Draft’ is currently only available for Mac (OSX) platform on the App store.
I will be working in MovieDraft over the next couple of days, providing the developer with feedback. The MovieDraft website is a good place to start for newbies, where you will find good quality video tutorials, not that you’ll need them because the app is a breeze to use.

In conclusion I would like to wish Mark the best of luck in inspiring others to write successful screenplays and look forward to creating some work I can be proud of.

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