From one beginner to another

What's been going on?

Where on earth has time gone. My last post was made way back in Nov 2013. I was really hoping to keep this blog update by entering my experiences, thoughts and learning experiences at least once a week. So why have I waited over a year.
There are no excuses, but I’m going to try my best to make some. I can’t put my finger on it, but I have just found that after a hard day’s work it’s really hard to sit at my cintiq and start creating. I have no idea whether the IBS is involved in any way, but that side of things have really improved.

Well I joined yet another webinar, through visualarium (sister website to ZBrush Central). Sam Kennedy was the class tutor and I learnt so much from his workflow.
I’ve always look on DAZ Studio as a hobbyist tool. But using it in conjunction with other apps, such as ZBrush open doors to reducing workflow times by more than double. This is something that is really essential to my workflow. I need to repeat a character throughout my Graphic Novel, so rather than re-drawing the multitude of poses, I need something that will pose my character to save essential time.
The work below was produced by me as part of Sam Kennedy’s class. I used DAZ to pose the characters and ZB to clothe the male. Te female was dressed inside DAZ. Colours and textures were added inside ZB and rendered out as passes to photoshop to finish off.


The link between ZBrush and DAZ gave me this power. However, over the last couple of weeks yet another time safer has come to my attention - Marvelous Designer.
This is an application that Sam Kennedy has added to his workflow and you can see why.
The speed with which you can adjust morphs in DAZ to create a unique character, import into Marvelous Designer to dress your character and back to DAZ means you could finish a complete concept in eight hours or less, if you understand the interface.


I’m still trying to improve on my anatomy knowledge and Ray Bustos is my best option there. My next step is to get my characters into Marvelous Designer to clothe.
These updates to my workflow don’t rule out ZBrush, because I’ll still needs to produce buttons zippers and many more. But of course I love ZBrush so much I wouldn’t want to let it go. It’s really good practice to keep up with anatomy and sculpting.