From one beginner to another

The best ZBrush learning experience

I’m really not doing well on keeping my Blog up to date.

One excuse is that I’m being kept very busy still learning ZBrush. However I’m also learning about anatomy, which is the foundation of sculpting life. in my opinion is by far the best ZBrush learning experience. My introduction to ZBrush Workshops was Sculpting Games: MP5-K, which has been covered earlier in this blog. I was so impressed I joined the ‘Anatomy 2.0’ workshop and have found that a knowledge in anatomy would provide better results in sculpting anatomy.
Half way through this workshop Ryan Kingslien (the originator of ZBW) announced a new workshop, which would include the learning skills of Cesar Dacol jr teaching Creature Designs.

So I didn’t hesitate and joined immediately. We now have 3 weeks left of ten and for me it’s like a dream come true. Being taught by a sculptor who has always inspired me is a wonderful experience.
Every Tuesday night (UK time) we get to watch the master in action. We also get to listen to Cesar’s experienced advise as well as the wise voice of Ryan.
On a Friday night (UK time) Ryan organises a Crit. This is when Cesar provides us with positive advice on how to improve our sculpting skills.

OK it’s not free, but I for one am able to justify the money I have spent for the amount I have learnt. Watching an edited DVD is no comparison to watching a great artist working live in ZBrush. If he makes any mistakes or ZBrush crashes you get to see how he resolves these hurdles and appreciate these things even happen to the professionals.

See my progress below:

Rippler2 Spooner
‘Rippler’ and ‘Spooner’ where sculpted at the request of Cesar, so he could get a feel of our ability. The most positive feedback he gave me was my creativity ability.
He mentioned that I needed to work on my knowledge of anatomy.

The next project was to create a freak. I got started but then ran out of time. Cesar again brought up my basic knowledge of anatomy, which I needed to improve on.
I had all ready joined the Anatomy 2.0 class, but joined the Creature Design class half way through. There’s no way I could keep up with both so the plan is to return to Anatomy 2.0 and solidify my anatomy knowledge.

The next webinar consisted of Cesar sculpting an insectoid, which we had to follow. ‘CraBeetle’ is what I came up with and Cesar recommended a couple of improvements which I am hoping to carry out soon.

‘FatCow’ was my last sculpt and I felt an improvement in using Cesar’s techniques. Cesar’s crit was to make some anatomical changes, which I will do very soon.

So get your self down to if you’re looking to improve your ZBrush skills.