From one beginner to another

Development of JawBreaker

I thought I’d post some development work on JawBreaker.
I’ve been working on detail (wrinkles) and expression to try and make this guy a little more interesting.
The next step is to apply a pose and include some skin detail.
JawBreaker exp with expression JawBreaker1

I then need to decide on colour and start PolyPainting.
I’ve had fun working on JawBreaker, although he was put on hold for a while. I’m in the process of getting my head around ZBrush 4 and all the new features. At the same time I’m trying to work my way through ‘Inner World’, which Jawbreaker will be a part of.
On top of ‘Introducing ZBrush 4’ by Eric Keller, I recently purchased ‘ZBrush Character Creation vol.2’ by Scott Spencer. I decided to opt for the kindle versions for iPad, due to the lack of space on my bookcase. The only down side was that the digital download versions don’t come with the accompanying DVD. So I emailed the publishers and they kindly sent me the DVD for ‘Introducing ZBrush’ in the post. I’m just patiently waiting for Scott’s DVD.

Let’s just hope I can get my head down and work on getting JawBreaker finished in the next couple of weeks.