From one beginner to another

ZBrush Workshops member

OK, I decided I needed a little help with the new features of ZBrush 4.
As mentioned in a previous blog ‘Introducing ZBrush 4’ by Eric Keller is brilliant and I am slowly making my way through the book. I haven’t had a chance as yet to start reading ‘ ‘ZBrush Character Creation vol.2’ by Scott Spencer, however I will get around to it.

So I took the plunge and registered with, which was originated by Ryan Kingslien. Ryan runs the workshops with an experience in ZBrush which is difficult to equal.
I opted for the ‘MP5-K’ workshop and after simply viewing the introduction I had virtually mastered Spotlight, Lightbox and Shadowbox in one hit. After all he played an important part in the development of Zbrush 3.

Not only am I finding the workshops really useful, the site also provides a support section where you can ask Ryan questions about the workshops, which he answers promptly.

So there you go another resource that provides inspiration to carry on ZBrushing...