From one beginner to another

Still learning the ZBrush way

So I needed some help, getting my head around the new features of Zbrush 4.
I went on a google search. Whilst there are teasers available regarding the new features of ZBrush 4, I couldn’t find anything with any meat on it. The two books I mentioned in an earlier blog (‘Introducing ZBrush 4’ by Eric Keller and ‘ZBrush Character Creation vol.2’ by Scott Spencer) were answering my questions, but it was a slow process.
I eventually discovered a gem, an article in a 3D magazines providing the answer to my frustration.

I touched on this resource briefly in my last Blog, but I have been spending almost every evening working my way through Ryan Kingslien’s Workshop.
Ryan Kingslien was one of the first to help in the development of ZBrush. So he really knows what he is talking about. His method of teaching is so easy to watch and you get so much more from the Workshops than you initially thought you would.
My choice of Worshops was the ‘MP5-K’, which I felt provided the answers to my questions and boy were they answered.

So what have I learnt:
Spotlight, ShadowBox, Lightbox, Image Plane, Remeshing, Projecting
Clip Brushes, Trim Brushes.
Relax & Polish (under Deformation pallet).
The importance of creating a clean mesh, if there is a need to add detail in a particular area.
Hollowing out a SubTool, using Extract.
A more in-depth understanding of Decimation Master.
Learning from my mistakes and adjusting to correcting something.
and much much more...

Below are a few examples of the model I managed to produce. At this stage I’m not really bothered about accuracy, but what this Workshop has provided is a learning experience I can’t equal.

Front Rear

Left Right

I have ingested tutorial books and tutorial DVD, but I have never learnt as much about ZBrush as I have whilst following Ryan Kingslien’s Workshop.
There are a handful of Workshops available and there is a small price to pay, however once you have registered, you have access to the forums and your workshop for 12 months.

I really can’t sing Ryan’s praises enough, so pop over to to find out for your self.

Another wonderful gem I spotted recently was an article in ‘3D artist’ (issue 29). I currently use the iPad App - 3DArtist to download their monthly issues. However due to the DVD content I went out and bought a copy. On page 80 there is some advice on Rendering in ZBrush, which is something I’ve been searching for since I started using ZBrush. The article covers Rendering in ZBrush 4 and the new BPR feature. The DVD contains a 28min tutorial on the process. So I am really looking forward to running the tutorial.

In the same issue of ‘3DArtist’ is a small article on page 113, detailing a new line of tutorials by I was that impressed I bought and downloaded ‘Characters Made Easy Bundle’. I’ve yet to begin ingesting the tutorial but this is another I’m looking forward to.
What interested me in this particular tutorial was the inclusion of UV Master, which is something else I’ve been desperate to fully understand.

Working smoothly in ZBrush at a comfortable pace is understanding which is the most efficient way to deal with a SubTool before you start.
This means learning ZBrush until it becomes second nature. I for one now feel like I’m getting there, two years down the line.