From one beginner to another

Whilst working as an in-house Graphic Designer for over ten years I enjoyed the challenge of producing artwork for packaging, leaflets, catalogues, advertising and exhibition design.
There came a point when I volunteered to develop the companies website. My chosen tool was
Dreamweaver. After a three day on-site course I got my head down and finally produced a website that I felt was acceptable, but not brilliant.
I went on to produce two further websites, the later using CSS. I have to admit, thinking back, I put myself under so much pressure especially due to the tool of my choice. You really need to be fluent in HTML and CSS to be able to produce good stuff in DreamWeaver. But don't get me wrong, if you can master DreamWeaver the World is your oyster.

In mid 2010 I decided to go ahead and use the internet to share my work and experiences. But after being starved from web design for over four years, learning DreamWeaver all over again seemed a depressing outlook. Of course the financial aspect ensured I didn't have to put myself through all that brain aching stuff all over again.
Then I discovered
RapidWeaver and never looked back.

Even though RapidWeaver is more restricted than DreamWeaver the ability to produce a professional looking website with ease makes my life much easier.
RapidWeaver is a theme based web design tool. But the choice of themes is massive. RapidWeaver itself comes with around 42 themes built in, however there are plenty of 3rd party themes to choose from. You will have to pay for most of them but the prices are unbelievably reasonable. There are also countless plug-ins, which open the doors to some really exciting elements to spice up your website.

To conclude, if you want a personally designed website DreamWeaver is the one for you. If you don't want to learn the web structure language and you need to produce a trendy, good looking website fast, RapidWeaver will do the job.

Thanks to
ncdthemes I decided I-CON was the theme for me and I used it for this website.
image of my website