From one beginner to another

In 1995 when times were hard I decided to look into computer games and the possibility of producing one myself. I started by listing game genres that may be of interest. After listing a few I finally came to my senses, realising that the learning curve and financial strains were well out of my reach.
In 1997 I decided that Film creation was a cheaper option. I mean how hard could it be to write a screenplay. So I took an element out of one of my games ideas and started developing.

After a few weeks I had a beginning, but hit a brick wall at a crucial turning point. That was when I got talking to a friend of mine, who helped me open doors, which was to lead to an endless scribbling of the pen. This was to include some concept sketches. In 2003 I ruptured my achilles tendon playing squash and spent twelve weeks in plaster. This gave me an opportunity to finally apply the concept into a Word Processor. I bought a few books 'The Screenwriters bible' and 'How to Write a Selling Screenplay', which taught me the correct format.

Things were put on hold until I decided to send my work off to a reviewer for the cost of £25, which was a lot of money in those days. The review returned as negatively as expected for a first draft. Although it did compare me to a frustrated Film Director.
Things went quiet after that until late 2004, when a Google search presented me with a selection of Screenwriting apps. Many were out of financial reach, however 'SceneWriter Pro' had some potential, so I went for it. The positive comments of my good friend G also spurred me on.
The screenplay currently sits on and has received constructive reviews, which have spurred me on to re-write element of the story.

I have also been carrying another project around in my head, which I have started in novel format. I believe this particular concept fits a novel better than it would a screenplay. My chosen tool is the Pages app on my iPad using the wireless apple keyboard. It's going well but time is my enemy as I find it difficult to balance my day to day job and family time with writing.

Due to the writing of 'Inner World', I have decided to put 'Driven Rage' on hold for the moment. But I will come back to it, hopefully with some fresh ideas.
An update that will spur me on is the release of '
Movie Draft' by the same developer as 'SceneWriter Pro'. The interface is the same as 'SWP' but it does feel far more stable and less clunky.
Writer: Mark Williams
Genres: Action, Mystery/Suspense, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: 112 pages
Synopsis: The newly crowned but disillusioned Rough Speed Champion prematurely announces his retirement. However the indecisive father of two reluctantly agrees to take part in a final one off event, which takes him on a roller-coaster journey of temptation, discovery and uncontrollable anger, where he is cornered into deciding the fate of human kind.

Production Notes: The concept was born some time in 1997. Being a qualified Graphic Designer I started working on illustrations of props. However due to work and family commitments the whole project was locked away and worked on sporadically. By 2001 the screenplay eventually spanned 250 pages and was split into two films. I eventually pulled up my socks and studied a couple of books on format and style, which resulted in the current screenplay. I am currently considering developing the illustrations to 3D format as well as developing another project and obviously making any necessary changes to “driven RAGE”. Thanks go out to my son for listening and showing interest, to D.B. Gilles for “The SCREENWRITER Within”, to David Trotter for “THE SCREENWRITER’S bible” and thanks to for a fantastic service.