From one beginner to another

I'm going to try my best to keep clear of my day job, because this web site is meant to be a showcase for my personal work. Something I really enjoy doing, but find it difficult to fit in. Whilst this website is provided to showcase my work I think it is important to share my experiences with others, who would like to take that first step.

My work is based around a screenplay 1st Draft. Now I know I am not a natural writer, more a story teller/inventor. Therefore my master plan is to create artwork for the screenplay, hoping I will eventually create a visual screenplay (comic/novel).

My main workflow will follow 3D developement of characters and props, followed by artwork to showcase these elements. The final stage will be to use the internet to share my work and experiences along the way.

This means I need to learn skills in :
3D Design
Graphic Design
web Design
I have experience in Graphic design. After all I studied 'Design and Communication in Electronic Media' when I was twenty and then went on to work in the industry for over ten years.
I have some experience in web Design, which should get me through. However 'RapidWeaver' has all ready made my life easier by taking care of the complicated stuff for me.
3D Design is the one I am currently trying to teach myself. By far the most difficult to learn, well from my experience that is, or perhaps it's my age. I have to comment here that having no choice but to learn something as part of the industry you work in is much easier than teaching yourself, especially when you have no goal or even any subject matter to work too.

The tools of my choice are simply the best tools I have in my Tool Box (the tools that work for me).