From one beginner to another

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Character from ZBrush Digital Sculpting book bt Scott Spencer
300 movie cover, movie worked on by Cesar Dacal Jr
Character from 3D Character Design tutorial by Scott Patton

'Dark Kingdom'. A classic by the Fantasy Art King Frank Frazetta

Character from 'ZBrush Digital Sculpting' by Scott Spencer

One of my favourite movies that Cesar Dacol jr worked on

One of my favourite characters from '3D Character Design' by Scott Patton

Inspiration is what drives us all. Without it you wouldn't have the energy to push on and bring your thoughts to life.

I am inspired by many things from all walks of life. With regards to my projects I am inspired by the work other artists produce. A subscription to ImagineFX feeds my inspiration once a month. The occasional purchase of a book inspires me. Movies inspire me and of course witnessing developments and improvements in my own work inspires me.

I look up to artist like
Frank Frazetta, Scott Spencer, Cesar Dacol Jr, Scott Patton and of course Aaron Sims who inspire me with their awesome talents.
Wayne Robson is another who inspires me, with his unique teaching ability and his high turnover in producing awe inspiring work.
I find that I am currently learning from my mistakes, especially in ZBrush. This results in having to produce the same model in a different way, which inevitably leads to frustration and the need for further inspiration to get started again. I have found that the video tutorials provide me with enough inspiration to get me out of this rut, especially if you can find the workflow your looking for.

Finding inspiration is fine, however it is only a part of the ingredients. My biggest obstacles are self belief and time. They always stall the completion of my work.